As well as shooting the commercial and editorial photography you've been awed by elsewhere on this site, I also make films for both love and money. Details follow, but if you want to know anything else, get in touch.

Please to enjoy my showreel:


3912.0 A Dark and Stormy Night

Writer, Director, D.O.P, Editor



writer, director, D.o.P., Editor, Visual Effects, Producer

A couple adopts a surrogate robot baby in an attempt to prove they can care for a real one. A dystopian sci-fi film with jokes.

Starring Lia Albers and Javier Jarquin. Sound recorded and mixed by Adam Misrahi. Music by Mike Nisbet.

Monday Madness

Director, D.o.P., Editor

A monologue from a woman on the edge, produced and written by Anna MacDonald and performed by Ameria Darwish, with music from Paul Tracey.

you are what you eat


Written, filmed, and edited in 48 hours for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Starring Lia Albers.

Directed and produced by Sharan Dhaliwal, written by James Fletcher and Raj Singh. Music by Damir Bojanic.

Sometime After the Robot Apocalypse

writer, director, D.o.P, Editor

A short film about love in the time of the machine uprising.

Starring Maddison Ridley and Tom Walker. Sound recorded and mixed by Freddie Slaughter.

The Body

director, co-writer, D.o.P., Editor

Written, filmed and edited over a single weekend for the London 2013 48-Hour Film Festival.

Co-written with Janina Matthewson; starring Vic Levermore, Janina Matthewson, and Duncan Vicat-Brown.

Anna vs. the Dead

writer, director, D.o.P., Editor

A frustrated tenant tries to exorcise her new flat, but accidentally invites something much worse inside: a pair of lawyers.

Starring Steph Cohen, Vikki Jones, Duncan Vicat-Brown, and Janina Matthewson. Produced by Charlotte Sintrat, sound recorded and mixed by Adam Misrahi.


Advertising, Branding, and Corporate


D.O.P., Editor

A showcase for Run's S/S 2017 collection at London Fashion Week 2016.

The Tab at the accountant premiere


Talking heads and environmental shots for The Tab's coverage of the London premiere of The Accountant, complete with a life-sized Ben Affleck cutout, who remains the most professional actor I've had the pleasure to work with.

Church Housing Trust

Director, D.O.P., Editor

This is a social video for a homelessness charity based out of London, outlining the work they do using a mix of archival footage and a talking-head interview with Mark, a service user.



Director, D.O.P., Editor

A series of short videos for Cognacity, a Harley Street mental health company. Each stars an expert in their field, outlining Cognacity's aims and methodologies in a straightforward and accessible manner.

topman, "It's More Than Just a Suit"

D.O.P, Editor

Social videos for Topman UK's #itsmore campaign, shot on location at the Oxford Street flagship's brand-new personal shopping space. Shot and edited by me; graphics from Topman's design department.

I also edited 6- and 15-second "teasers" for Vine and Instagram.

The Timorous Beasties

D.O.P, Editor

I shot and edited this promotional video for The Timorous Beasties, a ceilidh function band based in London, and got probably the best workout of my life doing so. Celidhs are hardcore.







Mike Nisbet, What Will Be Will Be

Director, Editor

Rosie Bans, Sugar (live session)

D.O.P., Editor

Anna McIvor, Call You On The Way (live session)

Director, D.O.P.

Harry Harris, Stag

Director, D.O.P.