Jamie Drew



writer, director, d.o.p., editor


A lost episode of a TV show you're too young to remember and which you definitely should not have seen.

Featured in the anthology Run Hide Tell, hitting the festival circuit in 2018.

Starring Janina Matthewson, Norma Butikofer, and Mike Nisbet.



Writer, director, d.o.p., editor, titles


A couple adopts a surrogate robot baby to prove they're able to care for a real one, although neither of them is sure they're up to the task.

A dystopian sci-fi film with jokes. Inspired as much by the stories of Ray Bradbury and Shirley Jackson as by films like Safety Not Guaranteed and Mistress America, Optimus is a mumblecore comedy from a dark future. It's actually currently being screened at various festivals in the UK and abroad, in case you were looking to see it on a larger screen.

Starring Lia Albers and Javier Jarquin. Sound recorded and mixed by Adam Misrahi. Music by Mike Nisbet.


Monday Madness

Director, D.O.P., Editor


A monologue from a woman on the edge.

Produced and written by Anna MacDonald and performed by Ameria Darwish, with music from Paul Tracey.


Sometime After the Robot Apocalypse

Writer, Director, D.O.P., Editor


A short film about love in the time of the machine uprising.

Starring Maddison Ridley and Tom Walker. Sound recorded and mixed by Freddie Slaughter.


The Body

Director, Co-Writer, D.O.P., Editor


A pair of wronged women get their revenge, but it's a vast and infinitely strange universe and sometimes revenge is harder than it ought to be.

Written, filmed and edited over a single weekend for the London 2013 48-Hour Film Festival.

Co-written with Janina Matthewson; starring Vic Levermore, Janina Matthewson, and Duncan Vicat-Brown.


Anna vs. the Dead

writer, director, d.o.p., editor


A frustrated tenant tries to exorcise her new flat, but accidentally invites something much worse inside: a pair of lawyers.

Starring Steph Cohen, Vikki Jones, Duncan Vicat-Brown, and Janina Matthewson. Produced by Charlotte Sintrat, sound recorded and mixed by Adam Misrahi.