Jamie Drew


This New Sea

Director, Editor


A short documentary about space travel as something inherent to human nature, cut together from NASA's archives and Creative Commons footage.

Special category winner in CineSpace 2017, presented by NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Festival.


The Tartan Thistle Dancers of Fulham

for White Noise

Director, D.O.P., Editor


"My granny never swore, ever. I never heard a curse word pass her lips until I learned Gaelic."


Rigorous, precise and at times highly competitive, to perfect a Highland Fling under the teaching of the Dancers’ Kathleen Gilbert you’ll need to do far more than attend the odd ceilidh. Traditional folk singer Anna MacDonald attempted a class, and explained the enduring draw of Scotland’s language, music and storms.

Commissioned by White Noise.


The Journey

Bush Theatre, Nubian Life

D.O.P., Editor


After World War II, the British government encouraged immigration from the Commonwealth. We had lost a lot of people, you see, so we promised full citizenship and a better life to those who would make up the labour shortfall.

Nubian Life, a social care charity, formed in the 90s to address the gap in service provision for Hammersmith and Fulham’s African-Caribbean population. These two facts are somewhat related.

Directed by Cressida Brown.

This footage was shot for Bush Theatre's "The Journey" as AV materials; a short cut can be found at White Noise.