Jamie Drew
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branded & social

Red Bull esports

director of photography, editor


Kevin 'Purge' Godec led a Dota workshop at Red Bull's new Gaming Sphere in London, so we asked him some questions about the pro gaming scene around the game, and also: how to be good at Dota. Purge's workshop was great, but I remain hopeless at Dota.


Simon & Schuster

Editor, Director of photography


For this social video campaign, I put together three trailers for Kill the Father by Sandrone Dazieri: the above, for YouTube, and two shorter character portraits for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, below. The main trailer is mostly compiled from stock and Creative Commons libraries, but for the two character shots I just filmed a couple of models in the studio! "This will be significantly easier," I reasoned. It was not significantly easier, but it was cost-effective.


The Week

Writer, Editor


I've been making short videos 4-5 times a week for... uh, The Week, a publication that collates news and current affairs into easily-digestible articles and, now, videos.


Run Label SS/17

Camera operator, editor


I shot Run's showcase at LFW and edited together this video, as well as snippets for social media and to use as elements on the main website. This was a super-quick turnaround for press purposes, but look at those clothes. I mean, they wouldn't suit me but just look at them.


The Pool

D.O.P. / Camera Operator


I can't put it any better than The Pool did, so here's a copy-pasted paragraph from the article:

There seems to be a lot of differences between Generation X and Generation Y.  Hedonism and a certain β€œf*ck-it” mentality seems to have been swapped for anxiety and staying in. Millennials are accused of being self-centred, whilst Generation X came of age under New Labour and a new look political outlook. Generation X had the wild Kate Moss years. Generation Y have a thoroughly healthy looking Gigi. 

Or is this all too simplistic? Watch Tiffanie Dark, author of Now We Are 40: Whatever Happened To Generation X? and millenial Emma Gannon, author of Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up Online, have a candid conversation about their different worlds. 


The Tab / A.C.C.A.

Camera operator


Talking heads and environmental shots for The Tab's coverage of the London premiere of The Accountant, complete with a life-sized Ben Affleck cutout, who remains the most professional actor I've had the pleasure to work with.


Church Housing Trust

Director, D.O.P., Editor


A social video for a homelessness charity based out of London, outlining the work they do using a mix of archival footage and a personal story from Mark, a service user. I also shot some documentary B-roll at Church Housing Trust events for fundraising materials. Some of it was at a barbecue. The perks of this job are great and varied, my friends.



Director, D.O.P.


A series of short videos for Cognacity, a Harley Street mental health company. Each stars an expert in their field, outlining Cognacity's aims and methodologies in a straightforward and accessible manner. And we did each one in one take. No half-measures with Jamie Drew, no sir.



Director, D.O.P, Editor


A social video campaign for Topman UK's #itsmore campaign, shot on location at the Oxford Street flagship's brand-new personal shopping space. Shot and edited by me; graphics by Topman's design department; expertise staff's own. I also edited 6- and 15-second "teasers" for Twitter, Vine (RIP) and Instagram.


The Timorous Beasties

Camera Operator, Editor


I shot and edited this promotional video for The Timorous Beasties, a ceilidh function band, and got probably the best workout of my life doing so. Celidhs are hardcore.