I Bought Myself a Camera Because I'm an Adult and Just You Try and Stop Me

Yes, I know I own a camera. Yes, I know it's my literal job to own one. But I've been looking for something I can just shove in my bag and not think about too much; a camera I can literally just point and shoot with, but which is dependable enough to take half-decent pictures. After some Googling (a lot of Googling), I found this horrific 90s beast:

The Fuji GA645 is a medium format rangefinder, which is a thing that shouldn't exist. It's huge! It's bulky! Just look at the fucking thing! The sheer amount of plastic in this thing could drown thirteen polar bears! And yet.

This thing, which I have not named yet, has a world-class lens on it -- albeit a fixed 60mm one, about the equivalent of a 35mm -- and near-perfect metering. It's completely automatic, which means I really don't have to worry about any of the technical stuff. This is good! I want to work on my composition and my connection with people. I haven't had the opportunity to shoot street photography for a while. You get 16 shots to a roll of 120 film (right now there's a roll of Portra 400 in there), which means every one of them has to count. It is perfect. It is exactly what I wanted. I love it more than I love most people. 

I got my first two rolls back and I only fucked up maybe 40% of them, which is a pretty good ratio, honestly. I'm sharing some of them here. I try not to hate myself because I can't handhold down to 1/8th of a second. Who can do that?

Robots, probably.