Romantic Misadventures

My friend Kit Lovelace runs an evening called Romantic Misadventures every month or so, always on a Monday and usually in a room above the Black Heart in Camden, which is a nice place that serves Camden Hells! That's really all you need in a pub.

Sometimes I write things -- I used to be a writer before I decided taking photographs was way, way more fun -- and sometimes I read those things aloud for audiences. The other day I read the story of my worst birthday, my 16th birthday, and Kit recorded it. Now it's on Soundcloud and embedded below:

Full disclosure: I'm not the best public speaker in the world. I have verbal dyspraxia and it's come back with a vengeance recently; sometimes I talk too fast for you the listener and for me the speaker, and I trip over my words.

Also, my friend Duncan tells me that I do a "sexy voice" when I give talks. Another friend, Joel, compares my public speaking voice to "a drunk Elvis." I was fine with "sexy voice," Joel, but thanks.