We Made A (48-Hour Sci-Fi) Movie (As We Were Challenged To Do So)

Every year, Sci-Fi London host a 48-hour filmmaking challenge, in which, unsurprisingly, teams are challenged to write, produce, edit, and submit a short film over a single weekend. And Jamie Drew is no chicken no sir.

Jamie Drew is no stranger to 48-hour challenges. Jamie Drew will rise to whatever the fuck you want to challenge him to. He can eat more Twiglets than you can. He will prove it. You're in trouble now. You shouldn't have challenged him to a Twiglet-eating competition.

So, we chose a name by mashing a phone and seeing what autocorrect thought we said -- hello, good ship Sleepy Barfly -- and rose to the challenge. Sharan produced and directed; James and Raj wrote the script; Sarah stepped up to do some make-up and prosthetics; I became director of photography for the weekend; we dragged Top 30 Funniest Woman On Twitter and soon-to-be-seen-in-Optimus Lia into it to perform for our pleasure.

"Like, 10pm," we said. "You'll be finished at 10pm, latest. Don't worry about it." We did not finish at 10pm.

Here is the short we did. As is standard, we got a line -- something about evolution, I don't remember, I didn't sleep; a prop -- a jigsaw piece; and a Title -- You Are What You Eat. We made a film about a small-scale alien invasion. I don't know why the preview frame looks so weird, colour-wise. It's not that colour in the final film. That is going to eat at me forever.

On Low-Low-Low Budget Cinematography

If you're interested (i.e. if you're me), we lit You Are What You Eat with two household lamps, which we named Hero One -- a German lantern wrapped mostly in tin foil -- and Hero Two -- a floor lamp lined with more tin foil -- as well as a couple of smartphones, an iPad, and my small LED video light.

"Why did you do this, Jamie?" I imagine you're asking right now. Well, the only rental house that could deliver on time wouldn't take our insurance. Or, "technical limitations can boost creativity." Whatever makes me sound smartest. Your choice.

Here Are Some Behind-The-Scenes Photos