"Optimus" update: 26/10/2015

I went way over the word limit on IndieGoGo so I had to post this here.




Look, we had some mishaps. We had some setbacks along the way in post-production. They're all incredibly boring. I'm bored thinking about them.

Essentially: there is a guy in Germany, somewhere, who has the masters for the soundtrack, and if you see him kick him in the back of the knee and tell him Jamie sent you. Then explain who I am. And also why you're doing this, I guess, so he knows what he did.

He disappeared off the face of the Earth with our masters and the masters of other folks, is what I am saying to you. We got scammed a little bit. It seems like a weird and convoluted scam -- if you're recording anyway why not just give people their masters and build, I don't know, a reputable business for yourself? -- but I'm not the criminal mastermind here. I don't know how to run a scam.

And, I mean, this is all on top of what I can only truly describe as a "motherfucker of a year," work-wise. While that's nice and a freelancer can't really complain about the amount of work he's been getting -- which, again, a motherfucker of an amount -- it does mean I got dragged away from working on this ten-minute film for months at a time. Then I literally exhausted myself. No, I don't mean "figuratively." I have to take multivitamins now, you know? Like I'm 70 years old. I passed out during that Cumberbatch production of Hamlet; I thought maybe I was anaemic; but my blood tests came back normal; and it's like, "Jamie Drew, when was the last time you had a day off?"

To which, I don't know. Like, two years? Three? I've been living a weekend-less existence since 2007. Without checking, I couldn't tell you what day it is right now.

One of our bit players, John, literally got cancer in this time period as well. You probably know this already; he's raised, what, £85k for Anthony Nolan? Just a huge, ridiculous, wonderful amount. And there was a moment there, back when that all kicked off, where I was on my way home from the shop and I had this thought that I might need to get a new mix because what if I had to put in an "in memory of" slide in the credits. Then I had a little breakdown because at this moment the key to my front door wouldn't work and I spent ten minutes yelling at this bunch of inanimate fucking objects for being a piece of shitcollectively, why does nothing work, why do awful things happen to good people, etc.

I think I had some emotions to work through, there.

Full disclosure: I also played a shitton of Dishonored.


We're like a couple of weeks away from being done, tops. You'll get a link when there's a link. Optimus is still a thing that's happening. It needs grading, and a DCP needs assembling, but that's about it. I'm aiming for "the end of next week," but give me a nudge if you don't have anything by March 2017. It's happening. It's coming your way.

We had a screening back in June for the cast, crew, and some of our backers. While I'm too close to make a judgement call on whether this film is any good or not, I've been told it's "great" by more than one person. Let that be our review for now.

I mean, honestly, I have no idea. At this point Optimus is a series of shapes, sounds, and visual effects that won't work properly sometimes for absolutely no fucking reason whatsoever.

Here's what I know: it's a film, it's about 12 minutes long, and it's a film featuring a bunch of amazing people who worked very hard to be good at what they do for long periods of time, both in front of and behind the camera. It's got a great soundtrack, a scrappy bluesy thing recorded in Mike's bedroom because some guy stole it, which is kind of a great story? It's got robot sounds that I asked Adam to replace after our first go because the first ones were cute and hilarious and ended up stealing every scene to that scene's detriment. It's got my friends, and they're still my friends even though I spent days, weeks, months, yelling at them.

That's all I know, and that's kind of enough for me.