Rachael & Lia

I've been trying to get out of my creative comfort zone lately. A lot of what I do is straight editorial-style portraits, but recently my friend Jo has been doing these wonderful boudoir shoots, and while I don't think that exact sort of thing is my style, particularly, I've never really shot anything intended to be "sexy," you know? I don't know why I put that in quote marks. The point is: you've got to expand your horizons.

First up we have Rachael, who works for Buzzfeed and got talking about Front magazine while I was asking her Very Serious Questions for a film I'm working on. Rather than go down the serene/complex road boudoir photography traditionally treads, we thought it would be fun t do something more, well... fun. She made a Spotify playlist of mid-2000s pop-punk and bounced on our friend's bed for a while.

That's the creative process, dudes. That's how we do in the biz.

This second set I've had in mind for a while and I convinced Lia to do it ages ago (you know Lia? Yeah, you know Lia). But she's always on holiday, so we only got around to it last week. Lia is a beautiful woman whom I've seen devour a 12-inch pizza in seconds. Like, literal seconds. Like she was shotgunning it. "Could you do that in front of a camera?" I asked her.

"What kind of pizza?" she asked.

And of course we took this more traditional portrait on the couch because sometimes you have to do what you're best at.

So, what did we learn? We learned that pizza is nice, and Fall Out Boy's first album totally holds up. We learned that it's fun to muck around with your friends, and maybe that's an attitude and ethos to bring into professional work, going forward.

I mean, it's not like I'm the most professional photographer in the first instance, but still.

There's more of this kind of thing coming up in the future! I've actually managed to convince a few male friends to pose for me in similar shoots. I mean, I say "convince," I mean "they were all in before I finished asking the question." May you all have friends like these, readers. It's a pretty good life.